This is a film about Syrah wine or should I say Shiraz? Is Syrah from the Rhone region of France or the city of Shiraz in Iran and what about Australia? Could the Romans have brought the varietal from Syracuse, Sicily to the Rhone Valley? How did this grape make its way to the United States? How do you know what to expect from a wine labeled Syrah vs. Shiraz?


What part does Petite Sirah play in all of this and why does this varietal have multiple spellings (e.g. Petite Sirah, Petit Syrah, Petite Syrah)?


Who will find the truth? We will! Join us as we travel the world to find the true story of "Que Syrah, Shiraz!"


Rudolf McClain, Producer/Director

Rudolf successfully produced and directed a feature length documentary about Merlot wine entitled, 'Merlove' to combat the negative affect of 'Sideways' on the varietal.  Merlove was selected for four film festivals.  It enjoyed a week-long theatrical release in Washington State, 25 screenings in theaters around the country and is now available on The film has reached hundreds of thousands of wine lovers worldwide.


Timeline: Film-festival ready by the end of 2017

(w/ possible The Napa Valley Film Festival! organized screening)

The goal is to complete the film in 2017. There is a strong chance that we may be able to complete the film for the Napa Valley Film Festival in November 2017 but the overall aim is to make make the movie film-festival ready by the end of 2017. We have created a flexible goal so that we can apply the funds to the movie. This is a "Que Syrah, Shiraz" moment. What will be will be. If we meet our goal and can film in France and Australia, GREAT! If we have enough to do one or not the other, fine. If we have to get the wines from the region and catch French and Australian interviews in the United States, that's fine too. We are thrilled to receive any funds that come through the campaign and guarantee that we will add as much love as possible to the movie and that love and enjoyment will come through in the experience of "Que Syrah, Shiraz" Any support you can provide will the thoroughly appreciated whether through the perks, a shout out on social media, forwarding the campaign to your email/social media list or words of encouragement. We accept all forms of payment. Thank you all!!!